Pledge Avenue Limited

Pledge Avenue is a well-established modern company with dedicated and experienced staff, to cater to your demand on Apparel/ Garment sourcing, Buying agency. We consider ourselves as the best professional liaison company and sourcing / buying agency in Bangladesh.

We believe that modern world garment business is very competitive. Therefore we are in a competitive business with innovative, efficient approach on apparel/ garment/ home textile sourcing to meet the target costing, quality and lead time. We have compliant vendor based of over 100 in woven, composite knit, sweater and home textile. We have highly qualified technical staff to handle any order as per buyer’s standard.

What we do

Pledge Avenue Limited presents a simple, hassle free and ethical sourcing solution for you. We take away the stress associated with sourcing products, which enables your teams to concentrate on the most important task: brand building and sales !

The team at Pledge Avenue Limited is well equipped to fulfill your orders from jersey to woven, circular knit to flat/ heavy knit, denim to home textile, towel to socks, leather to accessories etc…. Our network of trusted factories specialize in casual, formal, sportswear, outerwear and accessories, catering to the continually evolving needs of the international fashion market.

We can support you with new designs, create samples, follow up on all the approval procedures for measurement, quality, color and fit etc. and return with complete shipments compliant to the standards set by you.

What do

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  1. Quality, competitive prices, monitoring production for on-time delivery.
  2. Daily communication with the Client team, weekly approval and production status reports.
  3. Commitment to work with you sincerely as a True Partner and be your pair of eyes on your overseas production.
  4. Commitment to work with you sincerely as a True Partner and be your pair of eyes on your overseas production.
  5. Keep abreast with all Merchandising/Marketing/Production flows so we are not a burden or a liability but your True Partner backing your overseas operations thru legitimate and reliable garment factories.
  6. A Quality Assurance Team who constantly understands yours/product requirements so all parameters are covered to produce your desire quality products.
  7. Update you with new fabric qualities/designs also assist you in your sample requirements where possible.
  8. True partnership with you.

We welcome your business interest and look forward to be a valuable asset to you.

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Core Values

“Care is at the core of our business model”

We care about our customer’s satisfaction and adding value to their businesses. We have made customer satisfaction the key focus of our manufacturing and service standard; to meet this goal we invest in innovation, give special attention to detail and adhere to deadlines.

We ensure that our employees are happy and motivated and our teams believe in value of respect, dedication and caring for the environment.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission: Is to give our buyers the best service and exceed their expectations both to the enterprises and to the independent buyers. Our goal is to achieve best results: production as per Buyer’s specifications, competitive price sand timely deliveries.

Our Vision: Through the best business practices, observing high personal and corporate standards of morality, integrity and judgment…we look forward to continue evolving and growing as a Company. Our strategy is to place human value at the forefront, investment in R&D and human resource development, regular upgrade of quality management systems and share all the information transparently with our buyers.

Our goal is to deliver quality, custom branded garments and promotional products, with excellent customer service and competitive prices.